Our Mission

We are pioneers of this new age where people want to be fit and healthy, physically active outside - but without having to give up their routine from the gym. We set new standards in outdoor fitness with perfect biomechanics, ease of use, adjustable weight system and safety of sports equipment in public areas. We bring together like-minded people, create places where you meet for sports and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our Equipment

Standard Line

 24 machines for each muscle group - work out standing and experience a completely new training feeling.

Beach Line

 12 classic workout machines ready to deploy on any surface without the need of anchoring to the ground.

WHC Line

 9 machines made for wheelchair athletes and pedestrians together- the foldable seat and the clever design makes it possible.

Cardio Line

 Ellipticals, recumbent- and upright bikes with different resistance levels for any outdoor cardio needs.

Happy customers around the world


40 countries supplied

1010 Gyms


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10'122 machines sold